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Have you ever heard the saying Tottenham Hotspur Jersey , Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone ? That is exactly how it feels when you are sad or depressed. It is as though there is nobody around to help you get away from the blues. It might be the season, the time of the month Isco Jersey , dynamics with your family or just because life isn t going your way. There are some ways to get relief without the side effects of medicines.

The first thing to do is to GET UP. Right now, you need to just MOVE. Read the rest of this while you are walking in place. Push yourself to do more than you usually do. Try doing what you do in different ways. Brush your teeth while you do tummy tucks or comb your hair while you stretch your muscles. Get moving and you will find that you think about your blues less often and you will notice that you are actually feeling better.

Do more than I just suggested, though Gareth Bale Jersey , because they are simple steps to get started. You want to get your blood flowing, your lungs breathing and your heart pumping. In as little as 15 20 minutes, you will begin to notice that your body feels lighter and your state of mind feels better. Many people use the excuse that they don t have time. How much time do you lose when you don t feel good because you aren t working your body? You can t ignore the side effects of not moving your body and you certainly can t make excuses of not having time. You have to make time to feel better and you need to do it NOW! There are simple ways to get moving Karim Benzema Jersey , such as walking or biking. You can do both of these indoors or outdoors, although I prefer the outdoors.

When you do outside activities you get the added benefits of the sun and the beauty of nature. Both aspects add to the healthy benefits you get from walking or biking. But if the weather is bad, you can always use a stationary bike or treadmill indoors to relieve your blues.

Another great outside activity that can also be done indoors Toni Kroos Jersey , is swimming. Doing exercises in water is a less physical challenge since it causes less stress on your joints. Again, you are getting the benefits of the sun, as well as enjoying nature sounds and sights. Watching the little animals play can bring relaxation and joy to you Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey , replacing the blues you are feeling. Listening to the different birds and animal sounds is one of the most soothing things in the world and can also help lessen your blues. Of course, you can still get good exercise, raise your heart beat Sergio Ramos Jersey , cleanse your blood, and fill your lungs while you swim in an indoor pool, if you don t have access to an outdoor pool or the weather is bad.

I notice that sometimes when my son turns on different kinds of music Real Madrid Jersey , I want to get up and rock , or dance like a crazy person. Music can turn your spirit around very quickly and if you notice the kind of music that makes you happy, then all you need to do is turn on the stereo and let your body start to move. The key to fighting the blues is to keep moving and keep the body in motion. You will find that you will feel much better if you just get started and there are many ways to do that. So try some different things and see which ones make you feel the best and be sure to do them everyday so you can smile and have the world smile with you !

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