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hen you think about it

When you think about it Dallas Keuchel Jersey , golf is about the most well mannered sport in the world. Nobody is ever going to see Tiger Woods hip check one of his opponents on the fifth hole. The Golden Bear never ran after anyone with his club held over his head. Nobody gets called any variety of body part or farm animal just as they bend their head to tee up. The game is a gentle person s game, that is enjoyable and fun, if you cannot follow the rules you should try some other sport. The game is quiet, almost tranquil, without the finger pointing, name calling or chair swinging of other sports. Even for the beginning golfer, learning golf manners is just as important as learning the other rules and scoring.

I recommend that all beginners join the USGA and your state or local Golf association. As they say it is for the good of the game. The USGA will send you a copy of the rule book every year. I think every year they change something. You do not have to study the  Wholesale Basketball Jerseys   Wholesale Baseball T-Shirts

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